Hotel Boudoir

Have you ever considered participating in a boudoir session? Are you unsure of what exactly it entails?

These days we are surrounded by subliminal messages on why were are not good enough. That we should look like the women on the covers of a magazine. Over and over we are inundated with these messages, it tears down our spirits and makes us feel unworthy.

That’s where a boudoir session comes in. I love to show you how beautiful you truly are – scars, stretch marks and imperfections included. I do not edit out your natural imperfections and I do not make you look like a plastic/porcelain doll. Minor retouching is done on all of my images to improve the colour and quality of the images. Some light skin retouching will be done on temporary imperfections like scratches, pimples and potentially under eye circles.

Interested in booking a session? Wander over to my Investments tab and check out my current pricing!

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