Posts from July 2017

Two Sets of 7 Year Old Twin Boys.. Pools and Zip-lining!

An absolutely fun filled day with the boys, dogs, pool and of course the zipline!

A Day Spent Poolside… with my Camera!

So today my son’s and I went to a friend’s place. It is not often we get to go out there (more so scheduling than anything else!) but we did today and as I try to bring my camera with me everywhere.. it would appear it was much needed on this day of fun! Stay…

Paying Attention to Details

“I should warn you… my child is pretty shy.” says client #47263 My response? Great! S/he is going to have a wonderful time – I promise! Call me crazy but I love shy kids. I love kids that just can’t sit still and want to be silly, Silly, SILLY! Why? Because I’m silly, Silly, SILLY!…

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