Welcome to Grey Sun Photography! My name is Christina, I have loved photography for over 15 years and with the birth of my final little boy – I decided to take my passion to the next level and go full time so that I can stay home with all my little ones. In high school I took several film photography courses as well as digital and graphic design. Technology is changing everyday and no single photographer is ever “done” learning. I learn something new every single day (and believe me it is super hard not to go through all my old images and apply new and fresh ideas to them!) My specialty area has always been family photography, until recently! I was given an amazing opportunity to work alongside a seasoned wedding photography which has fueled my fires and turned my attention towards wedding photography. This same photographer had also introduced me to my love for newborn photography as well. A professional photographer will (in the end) focus on one area and hone and define their skill and that day will one day come for me, but for now I’ll stretch my loves for both beautiful brides and adorable little squishy newbies. 
I welcome you to look around on my site – be sure to check out my Collaboration page (under wedding galleries) to see the work that I have done alongside another photographer. If you have any inquiries please be sure to email me using my contact page!